What we do

We offer full internal network support for our service such as HIPAA / PCI complaint security, load balancing, network isolation, and much more.
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We also offer specialized Internet and Intranet services such as:

  • Custom bandwidth and billing agreements
  • Doubly-encrypted and doubly-authenticated secure connections
  • Network engineers certified in security and carrier-class network architecture
  • Closed circuit connections (MPLS VPN)
    • Private intranet links between facilities with ultra high speeds, certified security, and unmatched redundancy.
  • Full customization solutions for customers in need of specialized service.
  • Internal network design management
  • No contracts, no hidden fees, high-bandwidth, and low-latency connections; our service is unparalleled.

We pride ourselves in offering the fastest and most flexible broadband available to our customers:

  • Unmatched bandwidth
  • Ultra low-latency (great for gaming)
  • Modern infrastructure in combination with highly efficient routing allows us to offer next generation communication speed.
  • Locally owned and operated

Our organization is XYTEL, INC.
We specialize in reliable, high-bandwidth and low-latency links via long-range microwave wireless. These links provide internet/intranet services to our customers where fiber may not be available, or where existing offerings don’t meet their needs. We’re passionate about networking, and getting people connected to the services they need with reliability.

We're a family business, not large telecom by any means, but a community-focused partnership with the goal of connectivity.

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